Year 9 Grammar review

My home educated 14 year old is starting work on I GCSEs but before we get too far into that I wanted to do a quick review of some basic grammar.

Grammar,however, is not my strong point (just look at my blog posts I am sure there are too many errors to even bother counting!) I needed help.

The book my grammar and I has been on my shelf for a while so I decided to pull it out and do a short book study for her.

My grammar and I by Caroline Taggart covers a wide range of what I would call “technical” English. It’s starts with some commonly misspelled words and some confusing words that sound the same but are spelled differently but goes on to cover parts of speech and sentence structure.

I created a very simple lesson plan for her to follow over 8-9 weeks – my notes for that can be downloaded here.

I love that with homeschooling knowledge can come from books you already have on your shelves just as much as from any curriculum you painstakingly research and buy!


Homeschool Curriculum for 2019.

In the 3/4 years since I last updated this blog a lot of things have changed!

I am now a mother of 6 -Molly Anne was welcomed into the world in October 2015 and is now an energetic 3 year old.

We are now a home educating family – all of our children are now being educated at home . So yes (!) I am a home educating mother to a 14 year old, 12 year old , 9 year old,8 year old ,6 year old and 3 year old.

We began our homeschooling journey In 2016 and we are going strong now.

Which brings me to the reason for this update – homeschooling! Expect to see many more homeschooling posts along side some large family and craft posts.

Here’s to 2019 the year of blogging !


Merry Christmas 2018


Paleo lunch for the family to share

imageThe summer holidays have started and that means all five kids are here for lunch! So to celebrate we had a lovely yet simple buffet lunch. It was demolished – letting the children pick their own food really seems to encourage them to eat a wider variety of fruit and veg!


The Big Summer Plan! – Week One

IMG_0547 summerThis year I am planning ahead! with 5 children home during the summer it is far far easier to have some activities planned and ready to go than to sit back and hope for the best.

I have included some reading practice each day and a little writing practice since one of the children has really struggled to catch up this year and I am very keen to prevent the “summer slide”!

These activities cover children aged 9,7,5,3 and 2 it is a rough guide, if something fun comes along or plans change thats fine this list just ensures that there are no days where we have NOTHING to do all day. In general my children dont have the longest of attention spans so each activity (apart from trips out) would be less than an hour.

I have kept the plans to weekdays only as weekends are always so busy there is no time to be bored!

Week 2 and summer reading list coming soon!

Summer Day 1 – July 18th –  Getting into the summer groove

Morning Activites

Im bored jarIntroduce the I’m Bored Jars

Sunny weather – trip to the park

Bad weather – Lego challenge!
Afternoon Activities

All ages: Colouring pages

individual quiet reading time

Story time – From summer story list

reading record printableDay Two: 21st July

Morning activities –

Introduce the summer reading logs

Trip to the library

Quiet reading time and fill in summer reading log
Afternoon Activities

Sunny weather – get the paddling pool out and play outdoors

Bad weather – make a road around the downstairs with masking tape and play cars, older children can use cardboard boxes or other materials to make buildings or trees to decorate the “town”.

Story time: from summer reading list

Day Three –  22nd July 

lego bookMorning Activities

2 year old: Colouring pages

3 year old: Motor control printable pages and colouring pages, writing name practice

5 year old: Lego book day 1

7 year old: Lego book day 1

9 year old: Lego book day 1
Afternoon Activities

Sunny weather sand pit play outdoors

Bad weathermaking butterfly hanger mobiles

Quiet reading time and fill in summer reading log

Story time from summer reading list

Day four – 23rd July 

motor activity printables
Morning Activities

sunny weather – Trip to the park

Bad weather – Junk modelling

Afternoon Activities

2 year old: Colouring pages

3 year old: Motor control printable pages and colouring pages, writing name practice

5 year old: Lego book day 2

7 year old: Lego book day 2

9 year old: Lego book day 2

Quiet reading time and fill in summer reading logs

Story time – from summer reading list

Day five – 24th July – cookery day!

chalkMorning Activities

Cookery Day : Making shortbread

Quiet reading time

Story time from summer reading list

Afternoon Activities

Sunny weather : Chalk drawing on the patio and sponge/ beanbag throwing game

Bad weather : Film and popcorn afternoon!



Dissolving an egg shell!

dissolving an egg shell I read about this experiment over at kidtimes and we decided to  give it a go!

All you have to do is put the egg into a bowl of vinegar and leave  it for around 24 hours. During the 24 hours the vinegar will fizz  and the shell will dissolve leaving a squishy bouncy ball of an  egg!

We made observation tables and the children had a look a few  times during the day and wrote what they saw – all part of trying  to get Jake to practice his writing  a little more at home and it  worked well he couldn’t wait to check on the egg!


Homemade Sand – Toddler Sensory Activity

homemade sand sensory activity making sand at homeSaturday was a dark, rainy May day and by 9am my two year old was already bored and starting to whine and get clingy so I decided to give this a try. The homemade sand is just made from a bag of flour (1.5kg) and 1 bottle of baby oil.

By the time I got as far as starting to mix it the older ones had noticed that Rosie and I were up to something and so it became a family effort to mix the sand. Once you have added the oil to the flour just mix it together and run it through your fingers a little to get rid of any lumps and thats it!

It smells wonderful and although it feels dry it is actually sticky when you make a castle or shape out of it – we had little castles using plastic cups and heart shaped using the heart measuring cups. It is also really easy to clean up and it doesn’t stick or make a mess at all!. Considering my children normally have the attention span of a flies this was an incredibly successful activity keeping all 5 of them amused for nearly an hour – We will be doing this again next time we need a little bit of summer on a rainy day.