Little ribbon gal toy (using up some of those annoying scraps)++

Little ribbon gal

The scrap pile is getting out of hand and I had a spare evening so I made this little toy for Emily. It isnt the best looking but Emily LOVES is because she can grab the ribbons and actually move it about where she wants and since its nice and soft she doesnt end up bashing herself in the head like she does with some of her other little toys!

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2 Year old girls birthday wishlist

As a crafting addict I am always looking for little things to make for my children. My little girl in 2 in February so of course I have all these grand plans of what I will make, as always I probably wont get around to it but my dream birthday morning for a 2 year old would bring:

Click the pic

Party hat

Crochet dolly

bunny pillow

Bunny pillow

Dolls soft carrycot

Pull along pet pig

Counting beanbags