Little ribbon gal toy (using up some of those annoying scraps)++

Little ribbon gal

The scrap pile is getting out of hand and I had a spare evening so I made this little toy for Emily. It isnt the best looking but Emily LOVES is because she can grab the ribbons and actually move it about where she wants and since its nice and soft she doesnt end up bashing herself in the head like she does with some of her other little toys!

To make this little toy you need two scraps and a smallish amount of ribbon as well as stuffing.


These little bits have been left over for a long time just sitting there looking messyin the cupboard

First of all make the head. Cut out two identical circles (i used one of each colour so that the front was blue and the back red).

Leftovers from making nappies

Sew the circles right sides together but leave a little gap for stuffing.

Turn it right way out and stuff leave a little gap

open to insert the ribbon

Next cut two triangles to make the body. Cut 4 lengths of riibon to make the arms and legs, sew them into the body and sew the body up right sides together but leave the top open to sew in the neck, turn the right way out and stuff. Sew up gap.

She seems to like it!

Attach the neck into the gap in the head and sew up, now do the same to the top of the body.

Cut 4 rectangles, two in each colour.Sew these onto the ends of the ribbon to make hands and feet.

Give to waiting child…