Big and roomy mittens

mittens on emily
Mittens in action

Mittens on a string

During the snow little emily followed this pattern everytime we went out:

1.cry when putting mittens on (because she likes to wriggle her fingers which sh

e cant do very well in mittens)

2.Pull mittens off in any way possible while out

3.Lose mittens by throwing them on the floor

4.Cry all the way home because her hands are cold.

so I came up with this giant mittens on a string. She can wriggle her fingers inside the top (the top is much bigger than her hand but I decreased the sizes to fit snuggly around her wrist and if she does managed to get them off they are on a string which goes through the back of her coat so no moreĀ  lost mittens!

I just used a normal mitten pattern but increased the number of stitches at the top while decreasing the number more quickly than the pattern said as I was going down towards the wrist part. Then just made a long chain and attached to each mitten.