Not too warm summer baby booties

crochet booties

Little summer booties

These lightweight crochet baby booties are easy to make very quickly and are perfect for summer as they are not too thick and allow some air to circulate around the little feet!

The pattern is for size 3 months but they can easily be adjusted by either increasing or decreasing hook size or adding a few more pattern repeats.

booties standing up

Booties standing up

Using a 3.5mm hook, make 4.

Ch 22

R1 : Dc in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across, chain 2 turn

R2 : 1dc in same chain as turning, ch1 skip 1 dc, dc in next dc.repeat across. Ch2 turn

R3 : dc in each dc and ch sp across ch2 turn

Model Emily

R4 : repeat rR2

R5: repeat r 3

R6: repeat row 2

R7 repeat row 3

R8: dc in same chain as turning *ch 1 skip dc dc in next ch* repeat from * 4 times ch2 turn

R9 : dc in each ch and dc across ch 2 turn

R10 repeat row 8

R11 repeat row 9 fasten off.

Join two sides of bootie together.

Top edge::

R1sc around top edge to join second colour

R2 sc each across ch1 turn

R3 *sc, dc,tr,dc,sc in the first sc from hook sc in next sc* repeat from * to * around fasten off.

  • gcrebelmom

    Nice! Thank you for sharing this pattern.

  • Thank you so much for sharing such an easy pattern..Before, i tried it several times but it never worked. Finally, ur pattern helped me understand the technique and i made my first booties.


  • Kelli Litza

    Love the easy pattern. This will be my first try at booties. Looking forward to how they turn out!