Fluffy edge baby vest top


Back view

My grandmother sent me some random brown wool she had picked p in a charity shop. I dont make ALOT of brown things but it seemed a shame for it to go to waste so the fluffy edge vest top was born. It would fit a baby around 6-9 months nicely but if you want to make it bigger or smaller it wold be fairly easy to adjust by simply making the starting chain longer (or shorter) and measuring against your baby or a top you know will fit.





using 6mm hook ch40
row 1 dc in second chain from hook and each ch along, ch2 turn
row 2 2dc in second chain from hook *ch1 skip 2 2dc in next dc*

and from the front

repeat across 1dc in final dc ch2 turn
row 3 in ch1 space yarn over pull up a loop 4 times, draw through all 9 loops on hook, ch2 repeat in each ch1 space across 1dc in turning ch ch2 turn
row 4 2dc in each ch1 space across ch1 turn
row 5- 12 sc across ch1 turn
row13 *ch3 sc in next sc* repeat from *to * across ch2 turn
row14-15 ch3 sc in next ch3 space repeat across
row16 dc in each ch3 space acrocc ch2 turn

row17 *3dc in next dc ch1 skip 2dc* repeat across
row18 -19 3dc in each ch1 space across ch2 turn
sc in eacxh ch across ch1 turn

row 27 slip stitch in first 5 sc then hdc in next 6 ch1 turn

row28-48 hdc in each hdc across ch1 turn to make shoulder strap fasten off

and another cute one

second strap

row 1 attach wool in the 6th hdc from the edge on the other side, hdc in same stitch and next 5 hdc ch1 turn
row 2 – 21 hdc in each across ch1 turn fasten off


as back ending at row 26 (so no straps)

join two sides together

sc around each edge

attach buttons to front

  • Amy

    This is sooo cute! Is this written in American or UK terminology?

    • Sophie

      Thanks! this is written in american terminology as I taught myself to crochet using internet tutorials which were all american!

  • lee

    so, so cute! thanks for sharing.