Light mesh hard soled slippers

The finished slipper

These slippers are light for the spring/summer and have a hard sole so that you get  a little extra protection walking around – the pattern is given with the slipper sized to my foot (UK size 6-7) but you can make it to fit your foot by following the instructions and keeping a track of how its fitting while your crocheting it.

First of all you need an old pair of shoes you dont mind destorying. Remove the material of the shoe from the sole.


Take one old boot...

Front of slipper

With 6mm hook ch35 join to form a ring ch2

Round 1 -3 dc in each around slip stitch to starting chain ch2

Round4 – 17 2dc together dc in each dc around slip stitch to starting chain ch2



remove the shoe part

You should now have a tube that goes from your ankle to your toes, closet the end and fasten off



Now we are going to finish the bottom of the slipper

Attach wool on one side of

The toe part

the sole and dc in the next 10 dc ch2 turn



Row 1 – 7 dc in each dc across the sole (10dc) so the sole of the shoe should be covered now. Fasten off

Attach wool to one side of the ankle and dc around the edges of the sole (we are now building up the heel of the slipper stop at the other ankle edge ch2 turn

enclosing the sole

Dc in back loops only around the opposite side ch2 turn

Dc in each chain around to other edge ch2 turn

Dc in each chain around but this time do not turn keep going all the way around the front of the slipper also ( so a full circle) we are now making the ankle. Keep dc in round until the ankle is the desired length( do no join or ch2)

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  • I love this! I can’t wait to make myself a pair! Thank you for sharing 🙂