Boys crochet scarf (a quick and easy stocking filler!)

This is a really simple crochet scarf which i made using a half ball of wool left over from another project.

I used a 5mm hook but you could use any size just by increasing or decreasing the length if the starting chain.

Ch20 (or more if you want a wider scarf)

Row 1 hdc in each ch  across, ch2 turn

Row 2 hdc in each hdc across,  ch2 turn

repeat row 2 until the scarf is the desired length i made mine 39 inches for a 4 year old boy. DO NOT fasten off

To finish off sc in each chain all the way around the ends and sides of the scarf  (sc ch1 sc in each corner) this just evens out the edges a bit.

Finally add tassles. Here is a video which explains how to do this if you have not done it before VIDEO