Stocking filler – toddlers flower scarf

flower scarf This scarf is made pretty quick to make.

Flower pattern is as follows!

ch 8 and join into a ring.

round 1 : 20sc in a ring ch1

round 2:sc in next sc, *ch3 sk 2 sc sc in next sc* join to starting ch, ch1

round (sc, hdc, dc,dc,hdc,sc) in each ch3 group to join the flowers together i just used the dc to join to the petals of the flower while completing the stitch but you could use your preffered joining method. continue around join.

Once the scarf is the desired length you are finished it really a very simple but very pretty stocking fillers for a little girl. I made this for Bethan who will be nearly 3 at christmas so its quite short and the flowers aresmall so they dont overwhelm her neck! but you could vary the size of the flower using a bigger or smaller hook and by adding more flowers to increase the length of the scarf.