Crochet Iphone case

Not one of the greatest but not a total disaster! you could probably get a much neater result with a smaller hook but this was very quick only taking around 45 minutes from start to finish (including chatting with a toddler!)

Using a 5mm hook. ch27
row 1 dc in second ch from hook and each ch across ch2
rows2 – 16 dc in second dc from hook and each dc across ch2 turn
fasten off

sew up the side and bottom to make the pocket.

I used a button with a flower motif to close the top
attach the button to the front of the sleeve, then using a 3.5mm hook (or a size to suit the button) attach yarn to back of sleeve

and chain 25 (or a long enough chain to reach around your button.Secure the end of the chain to the same stitch as the start of the

chain and fasten off.