Newborn frilly flower dress

newbor crochet dress

Well our new little girl Rosemary Jayne made her entrance to the world on valetines day wieghing 6 pounds 1. She is gorgeous and of course the prefect model for her mummys crochet ideas!

Here is a little dress made for her it is to fit a newborn but you could make it longer simply by adding extra rows to the skirt.


With 5mm hook

Top – Make 2

row 1-8 dc i each  across ch2
row  9 – sc in first 5dc, ch2 dc in next 5dc ch2 turn
row 10-14 dc in each dc (5dcs)ch2 turn
fasten off

move to the other side for second arm hole

row 1 skip first 5dc, dc in next 5 dc ch2 turn
row 2-5 dc in each dc across (5dcs) ch2 turn

fasten off.

sew sides on top and tops of arms to complete the top part of the dress


Attach wook to ay part of the bottom starting chain (now working in rounds for the skirt)

Round 1 Ch2 2dc i each ch around slip stitch to start
Round 2 ch2 dc in next dc *ch1, skip ext dc, dc in next dc* repeat from * to * around join to starting chain ch2.
Round 3 2dc in each ch1 space around, join to starting chain ch2
Round 4 – 14 (or more for a longer dress) repeat rounds 2 and 3
Round 15. Ch2 sc,hdc,dc,trc, in each ch1 space around. fasten off.


hdc in around edges of neck and arms


ch3 8dc in ring

*sc,hdc,dc,trc,dc.hdc,sc in next dc skip dc* repeat from * to * around.

Flower centre

Ch3 8dc in ring, fasten off.




  • Andrea Cross

    This is adorable, and I am in the process of making this for my first niece, however, when it comes to making the skirt, I am stuck, on all of it, and was wondering if you happened to have any video tutorials, or advice on how to make it easier?

    • Sophiekilby

      Hi andrea which parts of the skirt are you stuck on ?

      • Andrea Cross

        Honestly, all of it. When I start it, It seems a little bunchy, and small. I get a lot done as far as rows, but it seems very very short, as far as around.

      • Andrea Cross

        Honestly, all of it. When I start it, It seems a little bunchy, and small. I get a lot done as far as rows, but it seems very very short, as far as around.

        • Erica Stindt

          Jumping in here 🙂 you should be working in rounds, not rows – attached directly to the top.  So it should go all the way around with no problem.  Correct me if I’m wrong…I just stopped by because I’m looking at making this for my daughter, due in July.

        • Lori

          I see this was posted a year ago, but as I have been working on this pattern I see what Andrea was talking about. It seems there is a mistake in the pattern (unless I am reading it wrong) and there should be a stitch increase in the skirt section to make it flare out like the one in the picture. If you follow the pattern as written you will end up with a straight skirt.

          • Rina

            What increase did you use to make the skirt flare? I’m looking to make a shower gift for a friend and this is the only pattern i’ve found in my skill level. Also just want to make sure I understand, you make 2 “top” portions and join them, making it a full round torso you can build the skirt off of?

          • Carol

            I’m making this right now ( I’m on round 13 of the skirt). Yes you make 2 seperate top pieces and then I whip stitched them together. You do not need to increase any stitches for the skirt, putting 2 dc in each sc space will make the skirt flare as pictured. The only issue I have had, the pattern is making a dress big enough for my 12 month old daughter. I’m using patons beehive baby sport yarn, light 3. I don’t know what yarn was used in making the original pattern but its not newborn size for me.

          • Ali-M

            This was happening to me too and I realised that on Round 1 of the skirt you’re supposed to do 2DC in each DC and so then when you kept going it starts to flare straight away!! Hope this helps

  • Jessica

    I am having a problem with Round 2 on the skirt

    • Cebell36

      ch 2 dc in first dc ch1 skip next dc and just * around

  • Nancy Vincilione

    This is a beautiful dress and I was requested a dress from my cousin for his first daughter, so I think this will be the one I use.

  • Teri Gunn

    I pinned this pattern on Pinterest and I made this dress. It is adorable, although mine came out much larger than a newborn size, I am thinking it is about a 12 month. You can see a photo of my finished dress on my Pinterest board at Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • GwendolynD

    CUTE!  Totally going to make this soon!

  • Rachel G

    i am so totally going to borrow the top part pattern for a dress i am making with a daisy stitch! lol except my armholes are going to be chains with pretty lace. thanks so much for sharing! she’s a beautiful model 🙂

  • Mzmoore7935

    Im stuck on the skirt ……help

  • Mzmoore7935

    When you say start chain … many should it be

    • Rachel G

       there should be 31 stitches from the chain you started in the beginning (the bottom of the chest piece) You simply need to slip stitch into one of the chains (doesn’t matter which one, i usually start one the side as a stitch marker) and continue the pattern from there working in rounds.

      • Rachel G

         oops! i mean there should be 62 chains total (31 from the front piece, and 31 from the back piece)
        You work around in a circle after attaching both the front and the back piece. start with the slip stitch (make slip knot onto hook, insert hook into one chain at the bottom of chest piece, yarn over and pull through the chain, and then through the loop on hook), then continue with Ch 2, hdc in same sp and each sp around. join by slip stitch into first hdc.

  • Wendy Blakely

    Very sweet dress. Grand daughter due in a few months. 

  • Love this pattern!  My sister is having a baby girl, due in a few months.  With money so tight, its such a great baby shower gift 🙂  I am almost done, however, I was a little confused with the top and made my own corrections.  When working on the arm holes, row 9, starts the first row of dc for the “strap” and then rows 10-14 are the rest, With 6 rows of dc’s in total.  But the next step, for the other strap, only equals 5 rows of dc.  Not sure if I read it wrong, but I added an extra row of dc on the second strap so it would be the same length.  Also, I used Worsted 4 yarn, and a 5mm hook, and my dress seems a bit bigger than a newborn size, (which is fine)  I think it may have been the yarn.  Anyways, thanks so much for the pattern!!!

  • Schaeffer684

    Could you please tell me what weight yarn to use? Is it worsted or baby sport?

  • Knebelskreations

    So what type of yarn is used?

  • Joli Est93

    This Pattern Is Very Simple And Extremely Cute. 25 Weeks Pregnant And Expecting A Little Girl Myself; I Made This Dress For Her And I’m Sure She Will Look Beautiful In It!

  • Kathydyrdahl

    What type of yarn did you use?

  • Bcbest01

    I read all comments and a few people asked about the yarn but I never saw a reply to the answer, What is it? Mine is turning out very cute but big!

  • Karriewalker

    I made this dress and think it is beautiful. I would now like to make it in bigger sizes one for each size. 3-6, 6-9, 9-12 would I just use bigger hooks each time or do I need to add extra stitching somewhere? Thank you in advance for any help

  • Danielle wright

    How do u do the skirt I’m confused like to start it, I am not sure how to crochet in rounds I’m only use to rows

  • sandra

    row 2-5 dc in each dc across (5dcs) ch2 turn, what does the (5dcs) mean? I know it means double crochet, but where do I put them?

    • V L

      I think she is telling you you should have 5 dc total including the ch 2. (5dcs) just a guess.

      • V L

        Never mind….I have no idea.

  • Anna Eddleman

    my top is not coming out right, the babies head is never going to fit in the opening, the directions are not right for the top, very confused

  • Stacey

    I didn’t design this beautiful pattern, but I think she is using sport weight or thinner yarn. If you want different sizes than I think you can change the size hook your using for larger or smaller and of course, the type of yarn will make a size difference too. Good luck!

  • Phyllis

    this what my dress looked like. I made the little newborn hat and frilly booties to it and made a blanket too.

    • Judy Miller-Kelly

      Very beautiful…what stitch did you use for the blanket? Also what pattern did you use for the diaper cover if you dont mind me asking…I have been looking for one like this…


  • Corabeth44

    What does skip ext dc mean pls?

  • Randomness9517

    I created this one for a family friend……I had to modify the pattern

  • Donna Nichols

    going to make this dress for a young about to be mom for her little girl due in May 2016 booties too..i am going to use baby yarn .