Crochet Toeless Slippers

These crochet toeless slippers fit my UK size 7 feet to make them smaller simply crochet fewer rows in the I used DK wool

Make 2


with 4mm hook ch24

row 1 – 27  hdc in each across ch2 turn

row 28 2hdc in first hdc, hdd in each ch across ch2 turn

row 29 hdd across to last hdd 2 hdd in last hdd ch2 turn

repeat last row 28 and 29 twice more

Make bow


row 1 hdc in each ch acros ch2 turn

row2-8 repeat row 1 fasten off.

fold in half and sew down one end so you have a rectangle of wool then wrap wool tightly round the middle to form a bow. Secure ends.

Attach one side of the bow to the pointy end of the sole (the part where you had done the 2hdcs) Attach the other end to the other side to form the toe section


Row 1 Attach and HDC around the edges of the sole – up until the bow (dont do the front) ch2 turn

Row 2 in back loops only hdc in each hdc around  until other side of bow attachment ch2 turn

Row 3 hdc in each hdc around to bow attachment fasten off

Fold the back of the slipper and sew to make heel.


Attach wool on one side and hdc in 3 hdcs.

row 1-15 (depending on how wide you foot is) hdc in each across ch2 turn secure to opposite side of slipper

repeat for the other side of the cross


Attach edging wool and sc in each stitch around the visible edges . Fasten off.