Homemade Nutellla – Worth The Effort?

nutellaEveryone in our house loves nutella, we buy a jar pretty much every week which quickly vanishes between the seven of us (I am blushing here at our level of Nutella consumption)

At the time of writing the price of Nutella in Sainsburys is £3.55 for a large (750g jar) doesn’t seem like a huge amount until you find yourself on a really tight budget watching every penny. Put another way one jar a week is about £14.20 a month or £184.60 a year.

I decided to put to the test the idea that homemade food is cheaper and more tasty than shop bought to find out if the effort of making your own was REALLY worth it.


First off I found a fab recipe on the eccentric cook  which didn’t look to hard. I used ready chopped walnuts as I couldn’t for the life of me find whole ones so I skipped the whole first step about roasting and just poured my chopped walnuts into the blender to begin. So the verdict?


Hazelnuts 200g (two packs as shown) Packs were £1.37 each so the hazelnuts cost £2.740000000490535_FifthDimension_140x140_v1_m56577569834098246





41e3d291-2456-4952-bb9c-b3f1c646655a_Spec2_v1_m56577569834323776 Condensed Milk (one tin as shown) was 99p





Dark Chocolate (as shown) was 33p per bar and I used 2.5 bars so 83p




Also used a little milk but that would have a matter of pence plus most people have milk around anyway!

The recipe actually made pretty much the equivalent amount to the large jar so we can just compare the two directly.

So the total cost of ingredients was £4.74 So in my experiment Nutella wins on cost HOWEVER i am sure you could get walnuts cheaper than this is you looked about thus could bring the cost down a little although there is a £1.19 difference to make up which may be difficult.



I have to say eccentric cooks recipe made some fantastic Nutella – I had to hold myself back from just eating it with a spoon (there may have been some tasting required – for the purposes of testing you understand). Shop bought Nutella is sticky and can feel a little slimy sometimes but the homemade Nutella had none of that it felt fresher and much cleaner. It spread like Nutella so you would use it in the same way. Homemade wins every single time


Well theres no real competition here is there – shop bought you open jar and eat. Homemade wasn’t hard especially skipping the roasting etc. It took about 10 minutes but still longer than opening a jar.


Lets face it a jar of chocolate is never going to be healthy BUT what with the recent “horse meat scandal” its made me think twice about buying anything not because it might have horse meat in (Nutella with horse meat really WOULD be a story) but because you never know WHAT is in the food you eat unless you make it from scratch yourself – this includes chemicals preservatives etc. So at least by making your own chocolate spread you take back control of your food a little.

In conclusion Nuttela from a shop is cheaper and easier but homemade Nutella is nicer and gives you more control over ingredients. It really depends what you need. If you are on a tight budget your NOT going to save money making your own especially when you start taking into account the cheaper (but less tasty) supermarket own brands. You also need to actually make it so if you are rushed off your feet its probably not worth your time. If ,however, you are looking for a tasty treat or you are trying to  reduce your consumption of over processed food then this is certainly a wonderful tasty way to do both those things.

Now if you’ll excuse me theres chocolate to be eaten!