Soap – my new obsession

Yesterday I realised we are nearly out of liquid soap in the bathrooms. This was my first opportunity to put into practice my less is more philosophy so I hit 84637011_0_640x640google.

Starting on this website I looked into the ingredients in my current soap, as it turned out it wasn’t great – I think I had actually picked the worst one I could possibly find (oh dear). So then I started to look at some of the other liquid soaps available and they were pretty similar.

I finally found glycerin soap bars which seemed a lot better and so for now I have settled on glycerin soap for the bathrooms and some liquid castille soap for making into shower gels etc.

37762011_0_640x640 SO fewer strange sounding ingredients and I actually saved about £4 as well.

More info when they arrive!.

I have started looking into making soap as well so perhaps a further soap change will be coming!



Moving away from modern mass production and waste

waste reduction for familiesWhen I look around my home I see a sea of modernity, truth be told the plastic toys and kitchen cupboards full of ready made “ease of use” ingredients make me feel comfortable – “how lucky I am to be able to afford all of these” I think to myself. At the back of my mind though, I wonder is this best for us? for my children?. Are the chemicals I lather over them at every bathtime really the best way to care for them? Is the mass of rubbish we put out for the bin men each week really how necessary?. Our family is known for our constant sickness with 5 children in school and nursery we seem to pick up every bug, cold and virus going perhaps our lifestyle contributes to our apparent love of illness!

As a family we LOVE technology, we make a living from it and our house is a shrine to the god of computing but does this mean we can’t also live a life that is more natural and less damaging to the world around us. I intend to find out.We have already been transitioning to a diet with fewer processed foods (I have already lost 12 pounds simply doing this) we have also begun growing our own food in small quantities. Over the next year I am going to try and replace as many mass produced or non natural products as I can with more natural items, either from natural materials or handmade. I am also going to try and reduce waste by recycling and reusing as much as possible.

I am no expert, I have no idea what I am doing or how this is going but I just can get rid of the feeling that there must be a better way for us to live and that the cycle of illness, allergies, waste and dare I say it financial strain must be a symptom of our lifestyle rather than of living itself.

I should probably add I am not great at housekeeping, cooking,  gardening or most crafts. I can crochet, but my skill pretty much ends there so this is going to be a challenge.

So here I go off into the first day of the experiment and already i realise that the disposable nappies are going to have to go arent they? gulp!