Soap – my new obsession

Yesterday I realised we are nearly out of liquid soap in the bathrooms. This was my first opportunity to put into practice my less is more philosophy so I hit 84637011_0_640x640google.

Starting on this website I looked into the ingredients in my current soap, as it turned out it wasn’t great – I think I had actually picked the worst one I could possibly find (oh dear). So then I started to look at some of the other liquid soaps available and they were pretty similar.

I finally found glycerin soap bars which seemed a lot better and so for now I have settled on glycerin soap for the bathrooms and some liquid castille soap for making into shower gels etc.

37762011_0_640x640 SO fewer strange sounding ingredients and I actually saved about £4 as well.

More info when they arrive!.

I have started looking into making soap as well so perhaps a further soap change will be coming!