Homemade Sand – Toddler Sensory Activity

homemade sand sensory activity making sand at homeSaturday was a dark, rainy May day and by 9am my two year old was already bored and starting to whine and get clingy so I decided to give this a try. The homemade sand is just made from a bag of flour (1.5kg) and 1 bottle of baby oil.

By the time I got as far as starting to mix it the older ones had noticed that Rosie and I were up to something and so it became a family effort to mix the sand. Once you have added the oil to the flour just mix it together and run it through your fingers a little to get rid of any lumps and thats it!

It smells wonderful and although it feels dry it is actually sticky when you make a castle or shape out of it – we had little castles using plastic cups and heart shaped using the heart measuring cups. It is also really easy to clean up and it doesn’t stick or make a mess at all!. Considering my children normally have the attention span of a flies this was an incredibly successful activity keeping all 5 of them amused for nearly an hour – We will be doing this again next time we need a little bit of summer on a rainy day.