Year 9 Grammar review

My home educated 14 year old is starting work on I GCSEs but before we get too far into that I wanted to do a quick review of some basic grammar.

Grammar,however, is not my strong point (just look at my blog posts I am sure there are too many errors to even bother counting!) I needed help.

The book my grammar and I has been on my shelf for a while so I decided to pull it out and do a short book study for her.

My grammar and I by Caroline Taggart covers a wide range of what I would call “technical” English. It’s starts with some commonly misspelled words and some confusing words that sound the same but are spelled differently but goes on to cover parts of speech and sentence structure.

I created a very simple lesson plan for her to follow over 8-9 weeks – my notes for that can be downloaded here.

I love that with homeschooling knowledge can come from books you already have on your shelves just as much as from any curriculum you painstakingly research and buy!