Fluffy edge baby vest top


Back view

My grandmother sent me some random brown wool she had picked p in a charity shop. I dont make ALOT of brown things but it seemed a shame for it to go to waste so the fluffy edge vest top was born. It would fit a baby around 6-9 months nicely but if you want to make it bigger or smaller it wold be fairly easy to adjust by simply making the starting chain longer (or shorter) and measuring against your baby or a top you know will fit.




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Not too warm summer baby booties

crochet booties

Little summer booties

These lightweight crochet baby booties are easy to make very quickly and are perfect for summer as they are not too thick and allow some air to circulate around the little feet!

The pattern is for size 3 months but they can easily be adjusted by either increasing or decreasing hook size or adding a few more pattern repeats.

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