Washing the flowerpots and growing veg in the back garden

It’s a lovely sunny day and I needed to spend some time weeding the garden so a tray, some flowerpots and sponges came to the rescue to entertain the little ones while I got some serious gardening done! In the veg patch we have lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, sweetcorn, peas,beans, beetroot, leeks, courgettes and herbs. Yummy!

washing flowerpotsGarden


Homemade Sand – Toddler Sensory Activity

homemade sand sensory activity making sand at homeSaturday was a dark, rainy May day and by 9am my two year old was already bored and starting to whine and get clingy so I decided to give this a try. The homemade sand is just made from a bag of flour (1.5kg) and 1 bottle of baby oil.

By the time I got as far as starting to mix it the older ones had noticed that Rosie and I were up to something and so it became a family effort to mix the sand. Once you have added the oil to the flour just mix it together and run it through your fingers a little to get rid of any lumps and thats it!

It smells wonderful and although it feels dry it is actually sticky when you make a castle or shape out of it – we had little castles using plastic cups and heart shaped using the heart measuring cups. It is also really easy to clean up and it doesn’t stick or make a mess at all!. Considering my children normally have the attention span of a flies this was an incredibly successful activity keeping all 5 of them amused for nearly an hour – We will be doing this again next time we need a little bit of summer on a rainy day.


Rainy day activities – Foam in a box

IMG_1728It is the last day of the Christmas holidays and everyone is bored, the older children have occupied themselves but the younger two are following me around like little lambs and generally being grumpy. I read not long ago about making foam in the food processor so it seemed a perfect opportunity to give it a go!

Simply put a small amount of washing up liquid and water in the food processor and mix until it foams up, a word of warning here don’t put much in each batch it overflows very quickly!

I used a cardboard box since it was about to go in the recycling and i knew the activity would be over before the box disintegrated but if you have children with a slightly longer attention span a cardboard box obviously wouldn’t be a good choice!

It took around 5 batches of foam to fill the box which wasn’t much washing up liquid so this activity is a wonderful activity if you are looking for a cheap way to entertain toddlers.

The children LOVED it after I took the picture the older ones came and joined in so it actually entertained 5 children from age 22 months up to 9 years old for around 20 minutes – which is miraculous.

The only problem was a box of soap and toddler eyes don’t mix so you have to watch the younger ones like a hawk to stop them dipping their heads in or otherwise causing the whole thing to descend into chaos, so if you are looking for an activity for the kids to do while you get on with something else this probably isn’t the activity for you!. It is great for passing half an hour on a rainy winters days though!