Paleo banana chocolate mousse

photo (4)I used to love chocolate mousse but its pretty much the opposite of paleo with all the milk, sugar and cornflour so I have come up with a satisfying paleo alternative – Paleo chocolate mousse.


2 small bananas
1 tablespoon almond or cashew butter
2 tablespoons of paleo friendly chocolate or cocoa powder

put all the ingredients in a blender and just blend until smooth!.


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Paleo Egg Salad Bento Box – Paleo lunchbox ideas for 2014!

This was delicious and is the first of many

2014 is going to be a paleo filled year!

photo (3) 1.Hardboiled egg and avocado chopped up and mixed with spinach

2.Sliced mango and apple

3. Date, nut and apple bites.


Date, Nut And Apple Bites

I forgot to measure how much i used but i don’t think the actual amounts really matter in any case.

Put a  handful of dates and a handful of nuts in the blender until you have a paste (there can be lumpy bits it doesn’t need to be totally pureed.Add is a spoonful or two of desiccated coconut and  chopped apple and mix again . Form the mix into balls and roll in some more desiccated coconut and they are ready to eat! Mine recipe made about 8 balls.

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Paleo Cabbage And Bacon Breakfast Hash

photo (2)

4 days into being paleo and I have gone from 185 pounds to 181.6 pounds – which is amazing since I haven’t had to go hungry at all. I am guessing that now the initial shock to my system is done the weight loss will slow a little!

This morning I am waiting for this weeks shopping to arrive and when I got up looked in my pretty empty fridge and heard a slice of toast calling me. I resisted the urge though and instead used up some odds and ends to make this breakfast. It made 2 -3 servings depending on how hungry you are.

Paleo Breakfast – Cabbage and Bacon Hash

8 Slices of bacon (chopped up)
1 small white cabbage (shredded)
250g mushrooms (sliced)
1 onion (sliced)
A few herbs
Fry the bacon for a few minutes then add the rest of the ingredients and fry until soft, add in the herbs. Eat!

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My paleo diet begins – Paleo breakfast fruit salad

I have been reading (and madly pinning) a lot about the paleo diet lately. I did a 2 week paleo diet run a couple of months ago and lost 6 pounds over the two weeks. Since its the only diet where I have really enjoyed the food AND its seemed to ease the digestive troubles I get! I have decided to give it a proper go. I am no expert and I am going to be learning as a I go so dont expect perfection fro the start!

In honour of the first day of the rest of my life I present Paleo breakfast fruit salad.


Desiccated Coconut
Almond Butter

Chop the fruit and add a spoonful of almond butter and desiccated coconut – yummy!

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French bread pizzas a quick lunch from the freezer

These french bread pizzas are quick to microwave from the freezer and cheap if you have lots of mouths to feed. These are basic ones but you can add your own toppingsto make them a little different! I make about 20 at a time and freeze them in freezer bags.

Cut french sticks and lay on a baking tray

Spread them with tomato puree and some dried herbs










Sprinkle with cheese and put in the oven

When ready wrap and freeze until needed!

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Little ribbon gal toy (using up some of those annoying scraps)++

Little ribbon gal

The scrap pile is getting out of hand and I had a spare evening so I made this little toy for Emily. It isnt the best looking but Emily LOVES is because she can grab the ribbons and actually move it about where she wants and since its nice and soft she doesnt end up bashing herself in the head like she does with some of her other little toys!

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